About LandMarc Products

Our History

At LandMarc Products we will advance your idea step by step, working with you one on one. Providing help in all the areas your invention needs to be successful.

I started with an idea (Tree Nanny) several years ago. During my experience, I have acquired the knowledge and connections to facilitate you on your journey. I understand the concerns and uncertainties of being a new inventor, as I was one myself. This is an exciting and challenging process. I will provide you with the support and insight one can only obtain by passionately pursuing their dream.

Product Development 

This is an exciting time. We can help you with all aspects of development such as, but not limited to prototypes, intellectual properties, manufacturing and packaging.

Marketing & Distribution 

Once the products is ready for market. We will develop specific sales programs catering to the needs of your customers such as: shopping channels, distributors, big box stores, sales representatives and online retailers.

Mission Statement

Transforming ideas into products, while providing an attentive, caring one on one experience.

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