A Convenient, Fun & Safe Christmas Tree Watering System

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What is a “Tree Nanny” you ask?

It’s an attractive hassle-free Christmas tree watering device that plays "Jingle Bells"when needs watering, and alerts you of over filling any tree stand by chiming once. It also has a light sensor to prevent it from functioning when the lights are off so you don't have to worry about being woken up at night. And the part is - no more crawling under the Christmas tree to water!


Simply connect the tube to your tree watering stand, and move the green watering device up to a height that works for you on your tree. Attach the recording system to your tree using our easy-to-use strap, ensuring the brass sensors are in the watering stand. When water starts getting too low, Tree Nanny will play Jingle Bells to remind you to water. 

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