There are exciting new changes for the Smart TreeKeeper. Although it is still the same great product, it will now be called the TreeNanny. The packaging is now tri-lingual, features a QR code and the clamshell gives you the option to hang or let the product stand upright. (TreeNanny photo’s above)

Retail price only $19.99 Plus $4.95 Shipping and handling.

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- A watered tree is a safe tree

- No more crawling under the Christmas tree to water

- Plays jingle bells when tree needs watered

- Makes alerting sound to prevent over filling

- Controls needle shedding

- Will not wake you up at night

- Easily installed and operated

- Works on all standard tree stand

- Extends the life of your Christmas tree

- An ideal gift for a friend or family member

- Fill it don't spill it!




with Hoha and Kathie Lee!

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An attractive, smart hassle-free, Christmas tree watering system!

Just in time for Christmas 2013!

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